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Arcana_Art born Onyedikachi Onwusor is a Nigerian self-taught artist, currently based in Wexford, Ireland. He holds a master’s degree in energy management from the technological university Dublin. He is inspired by the nonchalant attitude of human to basics of life. His works are characterized by recognized subject matter with an interpretation that blends its essence with bold colours and abstraction. Realistic landscapes and big cats are also part of his body of works.

Onyedikachi’s work has been channelled to self-awakening and awareness of human and their environment. As an art enthusiast and lover of nature, he is always yearning for more fascinating ways to show how much potential one can achieve being at peace with nature and who they are.


I am inspired by the nonchalant attitude of humans to the basics of life and its environment. I regard the world as a simple place to be. To live life easily. To not have to force things. Nature takes its place. Some call it destiny. Although nature has its own rules. All one has to do is be happy and put in a little effort.


My work reflects this deep view on life, a desire to bridge realities and awaken the past. I am portraying these subliminal levels through my art, with intentional and positively charged messages.

The style is influenced by abstraction and realism. The colours in contrast to the black and white illustrate that we just live easily and enjoy the simple things of life. It is a balanced composition of bold, passionate, colourful and vibrant elements.

My work is characterized by subject matters with an interpretation that synthesizes the essence of the subject with the qualities of abstraction.

By expressing my concern for the subject while retaining the power of strong and simple shapes that celebrates the sensual character to establish my composition.


I take great joy in applying thick-lush layers of the paint, using palette knifes and as the painting progresses, i bond the sections with a bold black line. All spaces are important to me –both negative and positive.

The ultimate goal of my work is to have my subjects speak to the inner child of the  viewer.

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