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Arcana_Art born Onyedikachi Onwusor, is a Nigerian self-taught artist, currently based in Wexford, Ireland. He holds a master's degree in energy management from the Technological University Dublin. He draws inspiration from how people often overlook the simple aspects of life. His artwork combines recognized subject matter with bold colors and abstract elements, creating a unique interpretation. In addition to this style, he also creates realistic landscapes and portrays majestic big cats.

Onyedikachi's work aims to provoke self-awakening and raise awareness of our connection with the environment. As an art enthusiast and nature lover, he continually explores captivating ways to showcase the immense potential that comes from being in harmony with nature and embracing one's true self.


I am captivated by humanity’s careless and indifferent approach towards life’s fundamentals and the environment. I see the world as a place of simplicity, where living effortlessly and without coercion is key. Nature naturally assumes its role, some call it destiny, but nature abides by its own rules. All it takes is finding balance and putting in a little effort.


My art reflects this profound perspective on life, using intentional and positive messages to awaken the past and bridge multiple realities.

Influenced by abstraction and realism, my style merges colors that contrast with black and white, illustrating our ability to live with ease and find joy in life's simplest aspects. The composition strikes a balance with bold, passionate, colorful, and vibrant elements.

My work revolves around subjects that blends the essence of the subject matter with abstract qualities, I celebrate their sensuality and establish a powerful composition with strong and simple shapes.


I take immense pleasure in applying thick, lush layers of paint using palette knives. As the painting progresses, I unite the sections with bold black lines. Every space, both negative and positive, holds importance in my art.

Ultimately, my goal is to create artwork that speaks directly to the inner child within the viewer, inspiring a connection with the natural world and evoking a sense of joy and wonder.

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